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Books for Fathers

Children are awesome I wish they came with an instruction manual”.

Doctor Spock, Tiger Mom, and Mommy Dearest many people seem to freely offer their advice about our kids. A half a century ago, computers were not too prevalent, we had not heard of SPECT scans or MRIs and Fathers were generally respected. In the twenty-first millennium we know much more about Fathers, Children, Families and Parenting.

Being a Father is the most important job a person can have, fathers are critical to their children’s development. It is true many of us might ask a friend if they thought a vehicle acceleration problem was the result of bad plug wires or a modulator in the transmission. Probably we would do best, in improving our vehicle’s performance, to look inside a vehicle maintenance manual or the schematics from the manufacturer or both: would we really do less for our children?
Some mothers will stumble by this site. Many of our young mother’s were raised without the benefit of their father’s wisdom. DAD or Mom the books below will be helpful.

It is the nature of a Blogger Blog to stack posts one on top of the other, this page is intended to assist the reader in locating documents. The list below is hyper-linked to the individual posts.

Phelan, Thomas W.
Payleitner, Jay  K.
Jeffries, Michael
Goldman, David
Russert, Tim
Roker, Al
A. Green
Casey, Carey
Warshak, Richard A. Ph.D.
Warshak, Richard A. Ph.D.
Cosby, Bill
Rhodes, Carol