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Monday, March 12, 2012

Open letter to my Brothers

You just can not have your cake and eat it too. There was a time when we wrote we have been doing this for thirty years, then it became forty…the anti-patriarchy movement began in the age of enlightenment over one hundred years ago. Current American anti-family, anti-father, anti-children public policy is at least fifty years old.
People generally agree about the concept of equality: a simple beam scale where both, tables or dishes, are equally weighted. Fathers know their children need them. We have had the peer reviewed empirical evidence that demonstrates that for four decades.
Carnell Smith drew attention to Paternity Fraud two decades ago, now it is the subject of popular television shows every morning Monday through Friday in America. We know children’s formative years are at age one day to eleven years old. We have been through the decade of the infamous Grand Class Action debacle. After being extant in the English language we now know the word misandry exists and has existed for centuries.
If females are equal they can do their own work. If we are all equal women can defend themselves. Women have enormous decentric networks of advocacies and yet there are men who would first complain about their plight and then the plight of their children and then go defend the feminists’ advocacies…still you just can not have your cake and eat it too.
There are some males who have difficulty saying brother, some males still have no clue what misandry is, and, sadly males seem reluctant to stand shoulder to shoulder…after about a half century of anti-father, anti-children, anti-family, anti-male sentiment and public policy.
We are not alone, most children are raised in single mother homes, this is not new, we have known much for decades: we have failed to act.
Here are some interesting URL’s somebody may wish to know about:
Most men were boys first, most men have Dads, most daughters have Dads, not all women are feminists, skanks, whores, sociopaths or sluts: some women though wish to promote slut walks.
Shoulder to shoulder brothers, I realize you are special but, our children need us to do the heavy lifting if it is not too much trouble to you.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dads of Michigan: Slut

Dads of Michigan: Slut: If you butter your bread on both sides your hands get messy. You can not eat your cake today and have the same cake tomorrow: you can not ha...


If you butter your bread on both sides your hands get messy. You can not eat your cake today and have the same cake tomorrow: you can not have it both ways. Equal or special, you can not have it both ways. Pink for this and pink for that but we want everyone to be equal: you can not have it both ways. Build a family or fuck around: you can not have it both ways. Tell the truth or spread an appearance you can not have it both ways. Girls want to run around professing their pride in being a slut, yet complain when others use their own words: you can not have it both ways. It is time for us all to grow up, attain some maturity. You can not promote Fatherhood by attacking DADS. You can not promote children by excluding Fathers: you can not have it both ways.
From the OED
n. a slovenly or promiscuous woman
1 having or characterized by many transient sexual relationships: she’s a wild, promiscuous, good time girl I promiscuous behavior
2 demonstrating or implying an unselective approach; indiscriminate or casual

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dads of Michigan: A Celebration Of Fathers At Rosa Parks Circle

Dads of Michigan: A Celebration Of Fathers At Rosa Parks Circle: "Hundreds came to sing, dance, and pray for a commitment to fatherhood. Please note this affirmation of Fatherhood closed with a prayer for F..."

A Celebration Of Fathers At Rosa Parks Circle

Hundreds came to sing, dance, and pray for a commitment to fatherhood.

Please note this affirmation of Fatherhood closed with a prayer for Fathers and Fatherhood, for young Brothers, for families and for the community. Before several area Pastors, representing area Churches invoked God’s Blessing upon the assembled Fathers and those Fathers in the community but not in attendance, the Pastors asked the Fathers to form a circle. Circle formed, women, children and families were asked to stand inside the circle. The Pastors asked the Fathers to link arms and stand shoulder to shoulder. An unbroken circle of Fathers, arms interlinked bowed their heads as the Blessing was proclaimed.

It was a celebration of fathers.
Sunday Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids was packed with families singing, dancing, and praying for a commitment to fatherhood.
Revolution Christian Ministries, Kentwood Community Church, and Grand Rapids First teamed up to launch what they call "Fathers in the Circle".
The event was a local community outreach initiative to encourage, empower, and support fathers being active in the family lifestyle.
"We're here to show support to the men of the community,” participant, Linda Kinde said.  “And to show them that we love them and that we want them to be all the man that they can be."
Hundreds gathered to promote that sentiment.
It was an especially important day for Jerdonn Thomas of Grand Rapids, who believes more men in the community need to step in and take responsibility for their actions and for their children.
"I think it is a problem in our community especially with the Black culture in our community,” Thomas said.  "It's important because you need a father in your life."
The free, family friendly event also featured a public declaration of fatherhood.
"It looked like they were coming together and making some new commitments to take hold of their roles as fathers in the house and that's a good thing,” Dick Rolfe, CEO of the Dove Foundation said.  
Many hope the message spreads nationwide.

The Cost Shares Child Support Guideline—A Common

The Cost Shares Child Support Guideline—A Common
Sense and Economics Based Improvement
Over the Income Shares Guideline

February 7, 2001

A Response to and Critique of
"Economic Basis for Updated Child Support
Schedule, Commonwealth of Kentucky,
September 1, 2000" by
Policy Studies, Incorporated,
Denver, CO

Submitted to:
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Cabinet for Families and Children
Department for Community Based Services
Division of Child Support
P.O. Box 2150
Frankfort, KY 40602
Neither the current version of the income shares child support guideline in use in Kentucky nor
the version proposed by Policy Studies, Incorporated has a sound economic foundation. Neither
guideline meets equal protection standards. As an alternative, a cost shares child support
guideline has been developed that has a more sound and rational economic basis and meets equal
protection standards. Importantly, the cost shares methodology closely tracks the historical
practices of family court judges in the determination of child support awards. Close review of
the methodology should lead to rapid acceptance by the judiciary—especially given the sound,
historical basis for this guideline.
The study, in PDF form, is here:

The Wonder of Girls: Understanding the Hidden Nature of Our Daughters

New York, New York USA : Simon & Schuster, © 2003

Book 352 pp
ISBN-13: 9780743417037    ISBN: 0743417038
The Wonder of Girls respects the equal status of girls and women while acknowledging their nature as complex and distinct from men.
As a mother of a 10,9 and 5 year old girls, this is a great book, the more I read the more I get to understand my kids. I'm not done reading it, but let me tell you something; I carry it with me everywhere I go. – anonymous
Therapist Gurian probes the unique aspects of girls' emotional, social and physical development in a follow-up to his bestselling The Wonder of Boys. First, though, he takes a few stabs at feminism, arguing that several of its theories (which, it must be noted, he incorrectly oversimplifies) need to be revised or even discarded by parents seeking to raise healthy girls. But Gurian's trademark is examining how biology impacts behavior. Biological matters hormones, brain differences (girls' brains are "more broadly active" than boys' and have 15% more blood flow) ultimately define girls' and boys' journeys through childhood and adolescence, Gurian argues. Even a girl's drop in self-esteem during adolescence is a "natural," biological phenomenon rather than a result of negative cultural influences. Feminists, he argues, have ignored the biological differences in order to successfully compete with men in the workplace; in so doing, they have denied or downplayed a girl's desire for intimacy and the experience of motherhood. Gurian urges parents to use a new model in raising girls (he calls it "Womanism") in which motherhood is a "season" when careers must be adjusted or put on hold. The author boldly suggests that parents prepare their daughters for the sacrifices of motherhood, and ensure that girls establish a three-family system (the nuclear family, the extended family and institutions such as church or school) that will meet their need for intimate relationships. Expect Gurian's arguments to stir controversy and inspire thought. (Jan.) Forecast: Gurian's success with The Wonder of Boys and other parenting titles should make this an easy sell, though some readers may object to what feels like a rejection of feminist tenets. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information. – Publisher’s Weekly