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Books about Boys

Boys and girls are different, they think differently, they learn differently, they process differently, do boys need more light than girls when reading: YES. There was a popular urban myth that children are children each and all the same, probably something dreamed up by marketers trying to androgenize the world: caveat emptor (let the buyer beware, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is not).
I can hear someone thinking “dude, I’m a guy, I know what young guys need – this is all just common sense”. It seems as though a lot of common sense has been drowned out by urban myth though, and, even a seasoned DAD can winnow out some helpful details. “Girls rule..boys drool”: what a classic example of misandric stinkin thinkin, would a mother say this to her son? As we wander about our communities with our ears full of urban legend we might want to know what scholars are really saying about our boys.
Sadly at the turn of the millennium (2000 a.d.) scholars documented a Boyz Crisis in education, some feminists (American Association of University Women et al )diatribically (political argument) suggested this was not true. A decade later it is commonly understood we can improve the learning, learning environment and our understanding of boys. The books below speak to the unique requirements of boys.
It is the nature of a Blogger Blog to stack posts one on top of the other, this page is intended to assist the reader in locating documents. The list below is hyper-linked to the individual posts.

Sax, Leonard Ph.D
Gurian, Michael Ph.D.
Meeker, Meg
Gurian, Michael Ph.D.
Slocumb, Paul D
Newberger, Eli
Gurian, Michael Ph.D.
Miller, Jamie C.
Gurian, Michael Ph.D.