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Books related to Men

Roughly half of the world’s population is male; sons and fathers are male, even uncles brothers and some friends.
We each chart our own course in life; the books listed here can inform those choices. Despite some urban myth males are unique, only males carry the xy or Y chromosome. The male physical form is unique, that seems obvious, and the male brain is different as well. Books in other sections here can also broaden our individual understanding of being a man.
It is the nature of a Blogger Blog to stack posts one on top of the other, this page is intended to assist the reader in locating documents. The list below is hyper-linked to the individual posts.

Mitchell, R.B.
Cosby, Bill
Wilkenfeld, Jonathan
Weiner-Davis, Michele
Farrell, Warren
James, Thomas B.
Greene, Nik
Farrell, Warren
Morris, Desmond
Machiavelli, Niccolo