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There are a variety of web places that facilitate conversations such as West Michigan DADS on Yahoo or Antimisandry dot com, those web sites also hold repositories of resources.
Articles or Posts can be found here at DADS of Michigan, most are meta-analytical, articles that make a point and mention the resources that seem to make the point, some are reposts from father related sites or sources.
Occasionally an Amethyst Alert may be issued. We have all heard of Amber Alerts. In Canada Amber Alerts may not be issued in custodial cases. In America Amber Alerts seem to issued at the request of a mother but not for the Father (Ilian Gonzalez, Carpenter Case), there are a wide variety of men’s and father’s web sites. Amethyst Alerts are issued through out the various sites when necessary.
It is the nature of a Blogger Blog to stack posts one on top of the other, this page is intended to assist the reader in locating documents. The list below is hyper-linked to the individual posts.
Posted July 2011