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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Celebration Of Fathers At Rosa Parks Circle

Hundreds came to sing, dance, and pray for a commitment to fatherhood.

Please note this affirmation of Fatherhood closed with a prayer for Fathers and Fatherhood, for young Brothers, for families and for the community. Before several area Pastors, representing area Churches invoked God’s Blessing upon the assembled Fathers and those Fathers in the community but not in attendance, the Pastors asked the Fathers to form a circle. Circle formed, women, children and families were asked to stand inside the circle. The Pastors asked the Fathers to link arms and stand shoulder to shoulder. An unbroken circle of Fathers, arms interlinked bowed their heads as the Blessing was proclaimed.

It was a celebration of fathers.
Sunday Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids was packed with families singing, dancing, and praying for a commitment to fatherhood.
Revolution Christian Ministries, Kentwood Community Church, and Grand Rapids First teamed up to launch what they call "Fathers in the Circle".
The event was a local community outreach initiative to encourage, empower, and support fathers being active in the family lifestyle.
"We're here to show support to the men of the community,” participant, Linda Kinde said.  “And to show them that we love them and that we want them to be all the man that they can be."
Hundreds gathered to promote that sentiment.
It was an especially important day for Jerdonn Thomas of Grand Rapids, who believes more men in the community need to step in and take responsibility for their actions and for their children.
"I think it is a problem in our community especially with the Black culture in our community,” Thomas said.  "It's important because you need a father in your life."
The free, family friendly event also featured a public declaration of fatherhood.
"It looked like they were coming together and making some new commitments to take hold of their roles as fathers in the house and that's a good thing,” Dick Rolfe, CEO of the Dove Foundation said.  
Many hope the message spreads nationwide.

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